Mixed Bag O Goodies

Sometimes our lives overwhelm us. There is never enough time even though time is ultimately all we have.

As always, a lot has been going on with me, so I thought I’d share a little bit of that with you, in no particular order:

  • uploaded several of my cutting room floor tracks, as well as other miscellaneous musical pieces, to SoundCloud, as demanded by many fans for many years. You can see my current listing HERE. I will continue to add this as time allows,
  • If you haven’t heard of EVE Outtakes out of Germany, go take a look HERE. Fantastic EVE related images and videos. As it turns out, Psy Cho, the artist behind this wonderful site, uses the exact same tools I have been using as a hobbyist for years. The only difference is that he is a professional 3D artist, and also a really friendly fellow. As such, he’s been incredibly accommodating and essentially educating me in the tools and techniques of the trade. I’ve learned a lot in the last little while, and have started my own EVE inspired 3D video. You can download a wallpaper still frame from that animation HERE. There is also an iPad version HERE. Please not there is no postwork on this image.
  • The current program I’ve been on, devised by my own experiences and consulting other trainers, has been progressing so well that I’ve decided to take a stab at making it an official and pretty PDF document. The Brutor Guide to Empyrean Health (Men’s and Women’s Editions) has begun. Once finished, it will be downloadable, with a paypal donate button (not mandatory). Every donation will go towards making Roc’s Rules Hardcover Edition a reality. More on all of this later.
  • I’ve also begun overhauling my blog. I will be add a menu system wherein there will be quick links to my store, my music, and guides on 3D. From getting things out of game using TriExporter, to advanced techniques in Cinema 4D, I’ve decided since there isn’t a definitive repository of knowledge on this, I’ll create one. Should be fun.
  • Soundtrack of New Eden has begun development. My next album will be ambient, an open audition to CCP to let them see what I can really do to create an atmosphere for EVE that maintains the flavour of the existing audio, but adds another layer or two of richness to the dark and harsh scifi environment we all enjoy.
  • And yes, though I keep saying it, there are some good multi-part stories in various stages of completion on my desktop, waiting for some loving final touches before being released.

That’s pretty much it for now. Besides playing EVE Online, and trying to be more active within Ushra’Khan, I’m mostly still involved in the EVE Online community, happily plucking away at things to my heart’s content.

Feel free, as always, to make some comments, and generate some interest.

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