Why 30 Days?

I’ve had several people ask me why 30 days as an introduction to healthy living? There are countless answers.

  • Many of us collect bi-weekly paycheques. This gives a chance to establish proper spending patterns on groceries
  • 30 days is enough for one to break and rebuild their belief system
  • It is enough time for the body to be shocked, to earn muscle memory, to grow into healthy living patterns
  • It provides time to fail, to pick ourselves up, to be consistent and form life long habits
  • It gives me a chance to evaluate who is serious and who is not
  • It gives every body the same starting foundation to build upon
I have the harder part of the bargain really. You have 30 days to impress yourself, to let your own brain and body know how serious you are. Should you succeed, I pledge the next 11 months to proving to you I am worthy of your time, that I can help you reach your goals.
It’s never easy, for you or me, everyone is unique. As such, what we will accomplish together is unique. I believe we can do this. You need to believe it to.
So why 30 days? My question and answer are the same. Why not?

3 responses to “Why 30 Days?

  1. 30 days is also a short enough time commitment that if you are struggling, then you can see an end in sight. It can be encouraging to say to yourself: “I’m 20% through!” or “Only 10 days left!”. I guess the idea is that by the time you make it to 30 days, you have now shifted your mental state, formed some good habits, and now you are looking forward to the next 30 days.

  2. I can really back Roc up on this as it does take your body and mind 21 days to form a new lifestyle habit and to be able to stick with it. I have actually had the privelege of working with Roc personally on my fitness goals for the last few months and please everyone stick with it! He is amazing at what he does and the results he can get you are unbelievable! I am extremely happy to know that so far my weight is down 5 lbs (which is a bonus) as it was more the body fat count I wanted down and Roc has been there every step of the way and helped me get it down 2% already! Yay! It may not sound like a huge change for some people, but trust me when I say it is a huge success for me 🙂
    Thank you Roc!

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