CSM = Complete Social Mess

The Mittani won, just like he said he would. I really could end this post here as that one sentence pretty much sums up all that is wrong with this process of CSM. But if I ended this post here I wouldn’t sound sufficiently enraged and bitter that I didn’t even place as an alternate, and that wouldn’t feed the Mittani’s ego, so I must indulge.

To be fair, one thing the Mittani can’t be called is arrogant. I myself get called arrogant often, so allow me to explain. Arrogance is not having the ability to back up what you say; from the beginning, the Mittani called it: he would be CSM 6 chair, and here we are. So no, we cannot call him arrogant. Smug, pompous, jackass, and similarly apt descriptors are allowed, so please indulge.

Oh Roc, you’re just bitter because you lost and want to blame it on the Mittani, or on the process, or CCP, or the Amarr.

I don’t know the Mittani personally; not really. I don’t want to know the Mittani personally; not really. And who knows? He may do some good with the CSM and surprise us all. Honestly I doubt it, given the very clear agenda of his campaign.

And that is where I have a problem with him, and the process, and the Amarr. The Mittani did nothing but play dirty politics, bashing every other candidate at every turn, feeding his own ego and sense of superior intelligence. And that’s who we voted in.

On the one hand I would say it’s a good thing, as it reinforces the harshness that is New Eden, and to have the Mittani as CSM chair fits right in with all the underhanded, back room, dirty politics that has existed throughout all of New Eden’s history.

On the other hand, there are five fingers, and it’s not surprising, in retrospect, that this election went the way it did. Let me elaborate.

Goons = bees

That should explain it all, but I’ll expand on my point, just to be crystal clear. A typical hive of bees consists of thousands of mindless drones that simply do the bidding of their queen. Individually, they’re really not a threat at all, easy to squash, but get a swarm of them together and it’s really not something to be underestimated.

And that’s really what happened with this election. The queen bee spoke, and 5,365 mindless drones responded to the sheer force of his will alone.

Honestly, good for him. There’s an old Brutor proverb about leadership, based on our sled dog racing of old:

If you’re not the lead dog, the view always looks the same.

I really hope the Mittani reads this. I really hope he remembers that he works for, and represents us, the players. I hope he understands that it’s not a one man show, and that even if he has some diabolical intention of grinding the CSM into the ground, to prove some perverted point about real power in a virtual reality, that any love or passion he has ever had for this game gets the better of him, and that he works to his full potential, which is substantial, and helps lead a CSM that continues to improve on the legacy of CSM 5 and keeps CCP accountable when they stray off course.

As for me, I will continue to be vocal about the issues I believe in. I don’t need to be on the CSM to be heard. You reading this blog right now proves my point. And I have a few contacts at CCP that were excited about many of the ideas I shared over Fanfest, as well as a great many fans that were absolutely shocked that I didn’t get on the CSM at all.

You see, I provide solutions. I don’t just whine about the problems. I didn’t get on the CSM. Solution? Have a more solid platform, be more vocal, be truer to my Brutor heritage.

I backed down. I went with neutrality. I’ve never been good at that. I refused to play dirty.

Next time, I will speak my mind with conviction, and if anyone wants to oppose that, then I’ll be ready.

In the interim, I wish the Mittani, and the rest of the CSM the very best, and hope they do great things.

I know I won’t be the only one watching closely.

Oh, and before I forget. Why did I name this post Complete Social Mess? Well, made you look didn’t it?

EDIT: Just read a post on Reddit about this, and I quote “tl;dr Roc Wieler is pretty sore loser.”

Yeah, maybe. I don’t know many people that enjoy losing. I guess it wouldn’t bother me so much if Queen Mittens wasn’t such a sore winner.

32 responses to “CSM = Complete Social Mess

  1. To be in the open, I voted for you and Trebor, and would have voted for Seleene if I had a third account. If the Mittani hauls off and screws this up, I may have to consider kicking him in the balls. As far as the goons are concerned, they are nothing but New Eden trash. End of Rant.

  2. I found it perfectly unsurprising that an election was won by someone who is particularly good at politics, especially one who has the nous to polarise the electorate sufficiently to siphon votes away from minor parties. Who knew that political tricks would work for (internet Spaceships) politics?

  3. For what its worth I voted for you, even did some campaigning and won over all the votes from my old corp. Hope you will run again for CSM7 assuming that the current board doesn’t crash and burn.

    As for the people elected, while i’m not happy about it I will choose too remain hopeful that maybe just maybe they will manage too get something done… okay maybe hopeful isn’t the right word.

    Also… Fuck Amarr its all their fault, lets burn some of their ships some time.

  4. Om nom nom.

    I have a general rule for politics: Anybody calling the other side’s electorate lemmings, sheep or, as the case may be, mindless drones, is a) out of touch with reality and b) mad.

    The rule is never wrong.

  5. Grab the helmets and sandbags and ride out the incoming storm that is mittens.
    We all know it’s gonna end horrid.
    Sellene and trebor have there work cut out for them. And after all the smearing of trebor by the mattani.
    Personally I’d pod him at the first CSM meeting 
    Rant over/

  6. You sound butthurt. Its just a rant without any other point than ‘Mittani’ is a bad man, and got his alliance to back him. And that should not happen based on moral groundsblabla.


  7. Hey dumbass, only 1700 goons voted for Mittani, not 5300 or whatever. It’s really easy to get this info since he said it himself on a public website!

    Do some research before you start crying thanks

  8. I keep reading the comments, wanting to retort, and the only thing I can come up with, weak as it sounds, is that in real life people vote for the person they believe is a good guy, not someone blatantly out to abuse the position, but then I realize that to those that voted for Mittani he is the good to them, and no matter what is said otherwise, I look like I’ve been “butthurt” (that made me lol).

    So please, keep commenting, as I’m sure you will, and thanks for the insights to the fact that maybe I’m a little more upset about internet spaceships than I wanted to believe.

    • To your first sentence, you might want to read about the last mayor election in Reykjavik ^^

      To your general post. It was not the Mittani finishing in front of you, it was 13 people as well. Yes, he is not the only goon on there, but there are enough others.
      I was really surprised as well to not see you on the list, but then, while your blog is quite well-read, i still doubt you have thousands of followers and thus most voters were just not as exposed to you as to mittens, seleene and others, who choosed broader ways to reach the people (EN24 adds for example).
      And exposure decides elections way more than programms, there were so many people running, even me who really cared for who won, did not read even half of them. Maybe there was someone covering my opinions perfectly, i would not know, i choosed between those that i knew had a chance and who got a clue imho.

      And not everybody reading your campaign trail voted for you.

  9. Democracy is defined by the people who vote.

    In exchange for his leadership, we got the mittani some free trips to iceland with his drinking buddies. If you have a problem with that, simply get 2000 in game accounts to vote for you next time, if that is hard for you then I guess you need to re assess your position and importance in the game.

    • “Simply get 2000 in game accounts to vote for you next time, if that is hard for you then I guess you need to re assess your position and importance in the game.”

      This. Is exactly right.

      • Yeah, geeze roc, step it :p

        Kidding of course, Honestly reading half of these comments I find it kind of hillarious that it seems there are more goons who are acting more butthurt over this than you are.

        Guess what guys, While there is something too be said about being a graceful looser its more understandable that someone would be upset than when someone can’t even manage too WIN gracefully. and hey, you did win, so at least have a bit of class about it.

  10. Haha you RP’ing faggot. You’re mad as fuck and dumb as dog shit if you don’t think real political campaigns don’t happen the same way.

  11. It wasn’t mittens who told the bee’s to vote mindlessly. That was solodrakban – the true master of the goons =P

  12. Being on the CSM isn’t necessary for your voice to be heard. You speak with the power of many players behind you, and will continue to be an influential person in the EVE community.

    I’m very sorry that enough people didn’t pay more attention to what your were saying, your ability to provide solutions and not just identify problems, and vote for Roc.

    There were a lot of dirty underhanded politics in this CSM election, and it saddens me in a lot of ways that it came to that. When I first saw The Mittani was running, I tweeted that it was turning into American politics, and in a lot of ways that held true.

    Run next year, remain a vocal part of the community, but don’t debase yourself trying to follow along with the dirty tactics used by people this year.

  13. The hard truth, which you nearly seem to come to terms with is that out of 49,096 votes cast, there weren’t 922 people who chose you over the 14 people who were elected. That you focus so much of your post on one person that ran shows, I think, that this was something personal between the two of you…or at least from your perspective you think it was.

    I’ve run and won campaigns and lost campaigns for political offices in the real world. It’s an old adage, but how you react to the losses says more about your character than how you respond to the wins. You’ve said your piece, and you’re hardly the shrillest loser in this last round…heck, at least you stayed in until the end. What you do going forward will demonstrate your character better than if you had won.

    And if CSM6 goes as badly as all of the ‘chicken littles’ seem to hope, then at least it should be a wide-open field next time.

    • Yeah, I’m good now. I will continue doing what I do, hopefully even better than before, and will more than likely run for CSM 7.

      I’ve won and lost real life offices as well, and ironically wasn’t nearly as upset.

      Maybe I did let it get a little too personal.

  14. Honestly I was surprised you were taking it so calmly. You have every right to be disappointed with many aspects of the situation, and while Queen Mittens ran a dirty campaign, it is not quite fair to focus only on him.

    Yes, he could royally mess this up for everyone, but keep in mind that there are some good people on the CSM. People are forgetting that the chair is not in a dictatorship position, just like they forget that the CSM is not in the position to outright demand anything from or control anything about CCP. For these reasons I remain hopeful that good work for all of New Eden will be done. There is a good chance Queen Mittens will get buried by the rest of the CSM and things will go on as usual.

    As for your campaign, you ran a good one but it was quite neutral and that was most probably your downfall. Electorates really don`t want someone who will sit there and be a drone. They want someone who gets what they want and need on an intuitive level and works towards that. As a Canadian citizen (as we have returned from Iceland to find yet another federal election awaiting us) leaders who are not in touch should be something you should understand. On the flipside, Obama and other charismatic leaders before him have surrounded themselves with skilled people. The chair can be the frontman and exude charisma and confidence, but it is the body that gets things done at the end of the day. Since you are really running for both chair or body, you need to have both.

    Be angry. Be angry at yourself that you did not roll in with the will to kill. Have points. Be controversial just enough to wake people up and get to perk up their stupid ears. Running counter-campaigns is not dirty in and of itself if you have good points and respect. That is like calling ECM or snipers cheap.

    I support you. You know I always have and always will. I am not alone.

  15. “The Mittani did nothing but play dirty politics, bashing every other candidate at every turn, feeding his own ego and sense of superior intelligence.”

    Bashing retards as their continuesly sperging shit is counted as heroism, not ego building.

    • Heroism is a little strong for an Internet spaceship game.

      Also, it’s ‘they’re’, ‘continuously’, and I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of the word ‘sperging’. My phone is autocorrecting it to ‘speeding’, which leads me to believe you made it up. All of your spelling mistakes makes me believe you are the one who is retarded, which makes your post ironic.

      • If all you can do is pick apart someone’s English, knowing that it may not be the first language of the author in our little internet spaceship game, then I think we all know who the retard is.

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