Tyrannis: Bittersweet

– by Jengi Gotsen, Commander of the XV-22

“No more.”

Sylv glared at the poster. Righteous fury coursed through her veins.

“Not again.”

Her brother had signed on to work in a factory on some godsforsaken planet. He was a skilled labourer, had grown up in a station working on the assembly line. This was his life, his work, his job, and he was good at it. His supervisors praised him, said he was the best worker of the lot. Gallente. Proud. Strong. Intelligent. He was a model worker, a shining example of what a workman should be.

Sylv was furious. The posters blanketed the station walls. They promised the same untold riches, glory and exploration that her mining barge had. She knew what was waiting for her brother. Untold sorrow, defeat and death. The Capsuleer had promised her crew all would be fine. Done this a million times, never lost a soul. Ironic choice of words when the Guristas showed up. Sylv was one of few who found themselves in what remained of the cargo hold. One of few who was rescued by a passing salvage ship. The Capsuleer woke up across the galaxy while hundreds of crew eternally slept.

She clenched her fist. This could not happen. This would not happen.


Jacques was thrilled beyond words. He had been selected for detail planetside. Earlier that week the assembly line manager called a meeting. One of the Capsuleer corporations had requested workers to join them planetside for new operations. Concord had lifted their planetary sanctions and was filling permits for Capsuleers to set up shop. All the Capsuleers needed were skilled hands. Jacques was a skilled hand. He submitted his application later that day with a recommendation from the manager.

Bittersweet was how he described it. Appreciation for Jacques’ hard work, and chagrin that he was leaving. Today the corporation approved him. Today the world changed. These Capsuleers did it right, he decided. A generous amount had been deposited into his account before he stepped foot planetside. Complimentary shuttle service to the corporation’s Personnel and Operations Station. A quick glance at his expected duties included the manufacturing of goods he’d been producing his entire life. It seemed the corporation had selected him for a quick transition. Not much additional skill training required. Jacques would be able to jump right in.

He smiled brightly. This could happen. This would happen.

Sylv stormed.

Jacques beamed.

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