The Places I’ve Been

I’m not slow to understand. I’m not too good to participate in group activites. I’m not too stupid to know the word “meme”. I simply struggle with relevancy sometimes.

Who really wants to know where I’ve been? Do people care? My enemies might, but doubtful. My readers? Why would it matter?

So I’ve struggled over this far more than I should’ve. It clearly was a “Do it” or “Don’t do it” decision. But like the guy who arrives at the party just as its ending, here’s my images showing where I’ve been.


WhereIBeenSurprised to see some nullsec in there? I know I was, then I remembered my beginnings in New Eden.

When I first escaped slavery, I headed for Hrober, a nice little 0.3 system with a lot to do insystem.

Of course, being new, I had no idea what I was doing, and found myself without a ship a lot.

Finally speaking with someone in local, and trusting them enough to know what they were talking about, I started on my adventures as a Nullsec scavenger, stealing cans from ships during big PVP battles before anyone really noticed I was there. This was before the days of wrecks when everything was cans.

I made some good profit doing this, but after a few short weeks came to realize scavenging wasn’t the life for me.

From there, I headed to Empire, found myself a good corporation, and started missioning, though looking back now, I should’ve just stayed in Hrober.

whereIBeenDetailNot surprisingly, most of my time has been spent in Heimatar Region, the Heart of the Republic some would say.

It is from here that I have built up wealth, ships, influence, and power. It is from Minmatar space that I have launched myself into the interweb and beyond.

I can’t see myself leaving this area again in the forseeable future, but will do what is required of me to best serve the needs of the Republic, as always.

Sorry for the short posts recently. I’ve been ill and haven’t been able to shake it. I’m heading back to the doctor again this morning to see what can be done.

I don’t normally share things like this, but it’s really starting to concern me, and I would ask that you remember me in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you.

6 responses to “The Places I’ve Been

  1. Yea, running missions in umokka got boreing pretty quick didn’t it, though since you turned Nix onto tradeing it’s all he’s done for the last year!

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