14 responses to “Roc’s Rule #81

  1. lol. Well there are examples where skill and insight trump a bank account. Bill Gates and his creation of Windows and Microsoft seems to be a common example.

    Sure, doing things with no money is exceedingly difficult, but sometimes throwing money at a problem doesn’t solve it.

    In EVE-specifics, I could get a loan for a Marauder and train the prerequisite skills up in a few days, but without time to properly train all the skills I’d need to support a ship like that and knowledge of how to fit and use it, I’d be wasting billions.

    As far as solutions to problems, I’d say IMHO money and skills are about even.

  2. @Psyche – alright, two examples of my own.

    #1 – I used to be good at Mortal Kombat in the arcades. I could probably play for an hour on one quarter alone. Then some kid with $20 in quarters would come along, and keep playing me until eventually he won, regardless of my skill.

    #2 – I want to profit on the market. A lot of the profitable items I sell usually take a few hundred million in investment to make more money. If I don’t have the money to invest, I can’t profit as substantially. Sure, I could work my way up to it eventually, or I could take a loan, profit, repay the loan and still be making hundreds of millions on the market.

    I stand by my statement, but will respond to yours as well.

    @Bill – Even Bill, in his humble beginnings, needed someone to invest money in him, because they believed in his skill.

    @Marauder – The fact that you are able to invest billions to fly a Marauder uselessly demonstrates how money beats skill. The skilled pilot would learn the support skills for a ship within his means, flying it exceedingly well.

    Do I win now?

  3. The marauder I posited was bought on a loan, not my own isk.

    Concerning Bill, Skill created money and led to success. If Bill had money and no skill, would he have met with success? he would not have created the same trust in his partners and investors, and perhaps never would have gotten off the ground.

    I’m not saying skill beats money. I’m saying one doesn’t always negate the need for the other. So no, you don’t win yet, but I’m looking for a draw, not a win, and if you’ve seen a certain episode of Star Trek: TNG, that means I’m in a much more tenable position.

  4. @Psyche – and yet someone could’ve along at some point and bought Bill out for a hefty sum which might’ve seen reasonable at the time. So his skill made him money, granted, but having money can buy the skills of another, as I am sure his initial investors would attest to. They didn’t possess the skill, they simply bought into it.

    And again, with the Marauder, you prove my point. Your own skills, while impressive, were not enough to earn you the isk to buy the Marauder. Instead of using your current skills to earn the isk yourself, you took a loan. Money beats skill.

    Not much of a Star Trek geek. I prefer Star Wars, but that an entirely different debate.

  5. Money can’t buy skills. You can’t throw money at your brain to become smarter. You can use your money to make use of others with skills, but if those skills don’t exist then your money is impotent.

    It’s almost a chicken and the egg argument from there on. What came first? the money or the skill?

    Star Wars? Fine, then think of this this way: Light side or dark, it’s all the force. You can’t have one without the other.

    You’re not wrong by thinking money is a VERY potent asset, but it’s not the only asset and – depending on the situation – not necessarily the best.

  6. @Psyche – The fact that I state Money beats skill implies both exist.

    And we do use money to buy skill. We all pay for education. Without it, our skills are not as developed as they could be, so I think I win now maybe?

    It is a bit of a chicken and egg scenario, I will agree to that, but ultimately if you don’t possess skill, but possess money, you can come out on top.

    I also don’t subscribe to the Light Side/Dark Side of the Force. It is a skewed perception. I subscribe to the Potentiate view of the Force.

  7. OK. Force debate another time, though I think we may agree more on that.

    I need a beer.

    I’ll submit only if you agree that money doesn’t trump skill 100% of the time.

    If we continue I’ll have to start pulling references from comics and anime. It won’t be pretty.

  8. @Psyche – if money didn’t trump skill every time there wouldn’t be Fortune 500 companies declaring bankruptcy, and others laying off hundreds of thousands of workers to stay afloat.

    I am positive those companies are very skilled, as is their labour force, yet there it is all around us.

    Let’s grab that beer soon. I’ll give you a call.

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