8 responses to “Roc’s Rule #80

  1. @PsycheDiver – Type T personality. It’s the same traits that make one a hero or a villain. The difference is how one reacts to a traumatic life experience in most cases.

    Seeing one’s self as a hero can either be delusional or motivational. It is said that who you are five years from now is determined by your daily actions and habits now. If one views themselves as a hero now, and acts accordingly, perhaps they will be one day.

    Villains are far more complicated. What defines a villain? Is it societal rules and laws? Is it negative reactions to life altering events from the past? It’s very complex.

    Don’t even get me started on the eternal evil laughter vs. insane laughter debate.

  2. I have a feeling you read Batman. I have a feeling we could have an hours-long debate about such topics over beer and wings.

    I see myself as a Super Hero in Training (SHIT). I do what I can now, and am pursuing law enforcement as a career. I say SUPER because if the chance to augment myself in any way presents itself during my career, I’m jumping at it. All in all, mostly motivational with a little delusional for flavour.

  3. Well, I am going to do my very best to be at Fanfest next year to promote Capsuleer, so maybe we can have beer and wings then? Unless, of course, you live in Toronto, Ontario, then we can have that hours long debate any evening we want.

  4. @Psyche – That’s because I try to avoid anything with the words “Big Meat” in it.

    I jotted down your number. I’ll give you a call over the holidays.

  5. Heh heh, FanFest is sounding more and more like a must-do in 2009. I might even have to skip Origins in July just to make sure I can afford it. And oh yeah…get over that whole fear of flying thing.

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