Fandom for Child’s Play

You know me. I know you. We’ve done a lot for each other over the years. Christmas seems to be our biggest season of fun together – contests, prizes, a general sense of merriment for all of us.

This year, we’re going to do something a little different. This year we’re going to going to do the contest and prizes, but we’re also going to give to charity.



That’s right, I’m working on a new album titled Fandom for Child’s Play. Should be fun. I got to thinking though, what if we could accomplish more together than I could ever hope to accomplish on my own? What if we made an album together and donated the profits to charity? I mean, the EVE Online community has always come together when needed most and accomplished some amazing things in my mind.

I thought “Why don’t I ask CCP if they’d be willing to do this with me?” They said yes.

We’re having a contest … a singing contest. You heard me correctly. You could potentially be the lead singer on the Fandom album. EVE players will vote through the top ten. Myself, Paul Elsy (CCP Falcon) and Jón Hallur (CCP RealX) will be judging the final entries to determine the winner. Together, we’ll make an album. Then we sell it. Then the Child’s Play charity benefits. And yes, there will be other prizes as well.


The Fandom contest is open from December 1st, 2012 – January 31st, 2013. All entries must be received by then. Judging of the top ten will finish by February 15th.

  • Record yourself singing these lyrics:

Your love kept my heart on fire. It burned with desire. My world is falling down, falling down without you.

  • Upload it to
  • Comment on this page with the link
  • Get people to vote for you


  • You must have an EVE Online account (trial accounts do not qualify)
  • You must be able to record in high fidelity (no Black Ops headset for this one kiddies)
  • You must be available for multiple recording sessions between March 1st – March 31st, 2013
  • You must give up all rights to your vocal involvement with this project


Everyone is always about the prizes. My hope is that beyond being able to make a sizeable donation to Child’s Play, that we’ll go even further and pony up some nice ingame stuff for our winner. Here’s the list of prizes for the winner (subject to grow without notice):

  • Lead Singer of the Fandom album – from Roc Wieler
  • 1 billion isk – from Roc Wieler
  • TBD – from CCP Games


Did I mention this isn’t just about the Fandom album? You know me – go big or go home. Between now and April 29th, 2013 (the last day of Fanfest), EVERY ROC WIELER ALBUM PURCHASED will be part of this cause. That’s nearly half a year of donations to Child’s Play.

Please, go listen to ROC’S ALBUMS. Buy something. Think of the children.


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