Unplugged – Coming June 1st

Every capsuleer is terrified of being unplugged; being unable to recover from the ultimate vulnerability; to be disconnected, detached, isolated; to die alone.

This latest Roc Wieler album inspired by Eve Online is something a little different than what has come before. Join Roc on a raw and emotional acoustic journey of self-discovery, which feels both warm, tender and intimate, yet surprisingly provocative.

Available June 1st from your favourite digital music store.

The Struggle is Real

She’d been saying it for years. I had just never listened. I could already see her “I told you so” dance and wicked smile of victory when I finally would get the chance to share the news, but the two of us had been slowly losing contact. Not in a negative “Oh no Roc! What about true love? Don’t lose her!” kind of way; rather more in a “Yes it’s good to be busy but when I can come up for air?” kind of way. Continue reading

Day 3

I’d love to tell you this is a romantic story about a man missing a woman, sitting down to savour a soothing cup of cocoa she had bought him before her departure, and that as he wrapped himself inside a blanket, bundled up contently on the couch in their quarters to stay warm during one of the station’s frequent malfunctions, he sipped gently on the frothy liquid, smiling at the little things she did for him. Continue reading