60 Days Challenge

Are you in average health? Are you able to a few push-ups but not really living up to your potential? Do you work from home? Maybe unemployed? Or have a really cool workplace that will grant you flexibility to do what I’m about to offer? If so, read on.


Bodyweight. No gym needed. Just you, and lots of water.


  1. do as many proper form push-ups as you can. Like THIS
  2. divide the number from step 1 by 3. This is your starting number (SN). For example, if you could do a maximum of 9 push-ups, your starting number is 3.


Every hour on the hour, for 6 – 8 hours, alternate the following workouts for six days per week.

If you work a 9 – 5, I recommend 10 – 4. This gives you a break when you get there and when you leave.

If you are unemployed or a stay at home individual, maybe do the full 8 hours. Up to you. 6 hours in a row is the minimum.

It’s important to note that as you do the workouts you MUST maintain proper form. If you cannot perform your entire set with good form, or cannot finish for any other reason, stop. Take a breath. Or two. Then finish the set. You MUST finish each set every hour. No matter what.


  • 1 set of SN push-ups (SN is your starting number, remember?) In the earlier SN example, this would mean 3 push-ups. Easy.
  • 1 set of SN Prisoner Squats. Like THIS except don’t interlock your fingers.
  • 1 set of SN plank-ups (per side) Like THIS Keep the hips flat!
  • 1 set of SN tricep extension Like THIS Keep those elbows in!
  • 1 set of SN reverse push-ups Like THIS
  • drink 500 ml of water


  • 1 set of SN jump squats
  • 1 set of SN side plank dips, each side Like THIS
  • 1 set of SN V-Situps Like THIS
  • 1 set of SN Angry Cat Walks Like THIS!Pa$$w0rd
  • 1 set of (SNx 30 secs) low or high plank
  • drink 500 ml of water

By now you’re probably wondering how on earth is this going to do anything? Again using our SN example of 3, doing 3 push-ups once per hour for 6 hours is ridiculously easy. I agree. I think I may have forgotten to mention the fun part.


So, let’s run some numbers now using that example of SN 3 on Day 1 and 6 hours.

  • Day 1 = 18 reps total of each exercise
  • Day 10 = 72 reps total of each exercise
  • Day 30 = 92 reps total of each exercise
  • Day 60 = 184 reps total of each exercise

And that’s with a SN of 3 to begin! You do this for 60 days and I promise you will be stronger than you ever thought possible.



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