Disobedient Slave Cupcakes


Just in time for Halloween fun!

I figured it’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe so why not go with something epic like a disobedient slave cupcake topper. Look at the missing tooth! Grossed out yet?

Disobedient Slave Cupcake Topper


  • Make a basic cupcake with your chosen flavor, (mine are vanilla cupcake).
  • For the topper you’ll need to colour your fondant accordingly:
    • skin tissue = ivory colouring with a drop of rose
    • gums = drop of rose with a drop of red
    • teeth = drop of ivory


  • roll the skin tissue fondant about 1/8 inches thick, and by using a round cookie cutter about the same size of your top surface of your cupcake, cut a circle and place it on top of a cup or a small bowl to support the topper while working and give it the shape of a dome.


  • To shape the gums, create two small snakes of the gum fondant, flatten them a little, and create the cavities for the teeth and make the dents between every tooth.
  • Attach to the circle base by using a wet brush. (the pre-made cavities should face one another).


  • Make the teeth- shape small pieces of ivory fondant to the shape of teeth, including their roots and let them dry for about an hour.
  • When they are firm, take each tooth and push it to it’s designated cavity in the gums made earlier. Make sure to apply it by using a wet brush to stick the root to it’s place. You may skip one or two, to make the impression the slave had lost a tooth…


  • Take the leftover skin tissue fondant and roll it really thin.
  • Break it to little pieces and apply around the gums, creating effect a ripped skin around the gums.
  • Let dry completely before colouring.


To finish the realistic effect, create a fresh blood finish:

  • Mix red colouring gel with drops of vodka of lemon extract for dried blood
  • Mix red with a drop of royal blue and add drops of vodka/lemon extract for fresh blood.
  • Using a brush, apply the fresh blood colour mix around the torn skin tissue
  • Apply the dried blood colour mix around the gums, especially where the gums meet the skin tissue and around the teeth contour, and the dents, to give it a more 3D impression.
  • Let it dry, and assemble the cupcake topper on top of the frosting of your cupcake.

As always, enjoy your runaway Minmatar slave in a way worthy of any Amarr Holder.

*** from the Zombie Mouth cupcake tutorial found at Instructuables

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