[OOC] One Night of Roc

Out of Character again today. Man, those guys at Capsuleer are gonna drop my blog soon; I  know they’re very strict about only carrying consistently EVE related blogs (yes, that’s a subtle warning to some EVE Blog Pack members, you know who you are).

But here we are, so might as well push forward.

For those of you who are relatively new to my blog, (and judging by the increased number of views over the last couple of months I am going to assume that’s many), I dabble in music.

My first CD, BIO, is a movie soundtrack style composition chronicling the story of Roc Wieler from his humble slave beginnings to his meteoric rise to the rank of Matar Colonel. It’s been called evocative, mesmerizing, of epic professional quality, and more, and is still available by clicking HERE. Please ignore the fact that Cafepress says there are samples, but they don’t play; it’s their fault, not mine. I am sure if you search around a little, you will find good things said about the BIO CD.

While you’re at my store, make sure to check out my other offerings in the way of clothing (nothing says I love you like a set of Roc Wieler thong panties).

But enough about where I was; today’s post is about where I am, and where I am going.


Announcing the upcoming One Night of Roc, my foray into the realm of rock music (available August 2009). It’s a compilation of original songs performed LIVE by myself and the TLF Marching Band at The Otro Gariushi Stadium, located at Jita IV – Moon, Caldari Business Tribunal Information Center before a capacity crowd of over 13,000 (see what I did there?).

With over an hour of music, it’s sure to entertain.


But wait there’s more!

With the success of the Bio CD (thank you to everyone that purchased it), I’ve entered into a label agreement for my next CD, and it will be available in both hardcopy and via digital download on iTunes and Amazon.com!

For me, that’s very exciting stuff, and I hope you find it the same. And if the digital downloads reach a good number, then Bio will be made available digitally as well.

But I’m not done yet!

As a special treat to both my blog readers AND to the wonderfully supportive users of Capsuleer, I offer both a special promotional “One Night of Roc” desktop wallpaper AND a sample track from the CD, available HERE (special thanks to Mynxee for hosting this for me).

*** Capsuleer users will be seeing a very special advertisement with the sample included shortly. ***

The promotional wallpaper can be downloaded in full 1920×1200 goodness via EVE Files by clicking HERE.

So once again, a heartfelt thanks to all my fans, and those that have offered me nothing but support and encouragement on this journey. Sincerely, you all make this EVE community what it is.


One Night of Roc is now on iTunes. See THIS THREAD for details.

7 responses to “[OOC] One Night of Roc

    • One Night of Roc will be available August 2009. An exact release date isn’t known as of yet, but I will keep my readers up to date. When I know, you’ll know.

      Just in final post-production now, but soon it will be going to the publisher.

  1. Whoa! I didn’t think you made that much progress with it! You certainly work fast. I’m looking forward to picking it up. Maybe next time you can sign both CDs for me? 😛

    • Just having some publishing issues still. Don’t worry, I’m doing everything I can to get this out.

      In a worst case scenario, if my publisher doesn’t get it together soon, I’m just going to make a free zip file linked to from my blog!

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