Thrill to the Mendre dancers on Sovicou

The billboard caught my attention like none had in a while; sensual, exotic woman, mesmerizing me with their gyrations; heart pounding, ball shaking music appealing to my primal urges. I found myself getting excited at the very sensation of experiencing this … Mendre.

Aura informed me that in the Gallente Federation, the Mendre dancers had a generations old mythology surrounding their dancing prowess and sensuality; to experience a Mendre dancer on Sovicou was to experience a taste of bliss itself.

It was also the name of a new nightclub opening this fall; a nightclub I was bound and determined to headline the grand opening of. It would be an event none would forget.

Mendre… featuring DJ Roc. I chuckled to myself at the thought. It was mad, absurd; genius.

One Night of Roc – Sold Out Concert

rocwieler1We’ve been waiting a long time for this, but the wait is finally over.

For those of you unable to attend the soldout concert in Otro Gariushi Stadium on Jita IV to over 20,000 fans, I have good news.

The concert recording of One Night of Roc is now available in iTunes for $9.99 !

Over 60 minutes of Minmatar Rock performed by Roc Wieler, The TLF Marching Band, and a very special “surprise” guest!

It was a helluva time in Jita, and I’d like to think everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly; I know we did.

Special thanks to the overwhelming number who attended, making this such a hugely successful event!


Bio CD

Too much out of character recently; Capsuleer is going to drop me from their Headlines section soon if I don’t smarten up.

Announcing the Bio CD, now available from the Store of Roc, my brand new Cafepress store. There’s also a new link on the right side menu to take you there.

Bio is a professional grade CD, complete with Jewel Case and 3 page insert booklet. All music and associated artwork is 100% original.

Track Listing:

  1. Prelude
  2. Path to Freedom
  3. Child of New Eden
  4. Bio
  5. Capsuleer
  6. Virgin Clone
  7. Boosters
  8. Brutor
  9. Nemesis
  10. Black Hole
  11. Malkalen
  12. War Declaration
  13. Matar Colonel
  14. Rise of the Republic
  15. Roc’s Renegades
  16. Instrospection (End Credits)

The CD sells for $14.99 USD. Cafepress takes a pretty large chunk of that of course, but I think it’s worth it just to be able to get a small piece of my vision to those who might have interest.

This is very exciting for me, as this is my first commercially available CD. I hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.