Bison Burgers with Gorgonzola Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

“That’s a mouthful.” I say, biting into the delicious burger. That’s what she said, I think in the back of my mind.

There are some good things to be said about unemployment: I’ve had more time for exercise, video games, baking, cooking, household chores, you name it. With today’s technologies it doesn’t take long to apply for a dozen new jobs every morning, and as I’m an early go-getter type, I’m done my job searching by 9 AM.

That leaves me a lot of time to experiment … that’s what she said. Continue reading

YC 113: Production Diary

You may not know this about me, but I never intended to make music. If you’ve listened to my Voices from the Void interview, you will know that EVE wasn’t my first musical endeavour, but that is was my first concentrated endeavour.

And boy, did it take a lot of concentration to get this far. Of course, the fan support hasn’t hurt either, so thanks in advance for that.

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Poison to the Soul

Not every day is an easy day. Not every day brings glory, profit and sense of achievement.

Sometimes, life sucks ass.

As an immortal, this can be especially trying, knowing that regardless of how crappy your current situation feels, it could last for lifetimes unless something breaks.

Sometimes it’s our own heart that breaks, or our health, or our finances. Sometimes it’s a combination of these things and more. We get stuck in our heads, stuck in that spot, and no matter how supportive our network of family, friends, and colleagues can be, at the end of the day, nothing can break the cycle except us. Continue reading

Fanfest 2012: Roc Roundtable

One of my followers mentioned on Twitter recently that “CCP should have a Roc panel at the next Fanfest!”. Now of course I agree, how could I not, yet at the same time, after giving it some real thought, I realize that while the ladies would love an hour with me, and that would be educational for the men, an entire hour devoted to myself just wouldn’t be fair to others; there’s only so much Roc that can be handled at once after all.

It did get me to thinking though. Continue reading