The Cult O Roc

I’ve read many religious tomes; Amarr, Brutor, Jovian, even an occasional Terran manuscript or two, which are hard to come by. They all seem to have the same general ideas on morality: live right, do right, reap your eternal reward, etc, etc, which is where I guess the appeal comes from for most. Being immortal already, it loses its lustre quickly: live right, live wrong, do right, do wrong, what does it really matter? When will I face the deity/deities of your choosing for my rewards/punishments? Yes, I acknowledge there is the chance of the True Death, and it does occur, but seldomly.

Chances are I will outlive your religion. Continue reading


Mean Streak Contest Winner

It had been a while since I had participated in such a gathering, and from the looks on the faces of the Tribal Liberation Force pilots of the Huang Yinglong corporation, it was obvious they weren’t expecting to see a Matar Colonel in full military dress casually stroll into their hangar bay. Retired or not, I had still had some pull, and had managed to arrange this little surprise without much difficulty. Continue reading

Roc the Spot

Just a quick post.

Sure, I’m badass. Sure, I’m a grizzled, retired, veteran war hero. Sure, the ladies love me, and the men want to be me.

But I have a soft side every now and again. Besides, research shows that sometimes cute is good for marketing.

So, here’s a new wallpaper that came together late last night. Basically, I’m thinking of using this little spot guy as a new TShirt logo to promote myself. Continue reading

If you can’t do, shut up

I already know this is wasted breath, but I thought I’d share anyway. It’s a rant about internet anonymity, ePeens, etc, etc.

As luck would have it, the Mean Streak Contest has been mentioned on the Facebook EVE Online page. A few players are excited about the contest, which is good. The majority of players, however, are talking about how a Dramiel and a measly 100 million isk is not even worth undocking for.

To them I say “Then don’t.” Continue reading

The Long Road Home – III


0548 HOURS
“Flint I need you here now! Front line! Bull is down!” I turn to look at Bull, whom I just dragged to cover behind some shipping crates. I can only hope they aren’t full of explosives. Those Caretaker drones aren’t messing around. I didn’t even know those things had made it to production. I remember seeing a prototype once, during a military contract; they were vicious. In the space of a few seconds, they had torn through an entire regiment of infantry elite. They were only tagged, of course; no live ammo, but damn if it hadn’t been one of the most terrifying things I had seen on the ground. But it had flaws, which is why it never made it into the field. I wish I could remember one of those flaws now. I’m getting old. Hopefully I’ll get older.

“Tore … right through … my …” Bull says while gurgling up blood. Continue reading