Roc’s Rule #114

  1. Jump in through 26 systems through nullsec.
  2. Locate individuals requiring killing. 
  3. Request permission from fleet command to perform killing. 
  4. Curse bitterly when mission is aborted. 
  5. Jump out through 26 systems through nullsec.

The Evati Chronicles – Epilogue


 “And there’s nothing else you wish to add to your report, Colonel?” the Valklear General asked. “Sir, no sir!” Roc Wieler replied, full of military discipline.

His return to the Tribal Liberation Force’s base of operations within Dal was bittersweet. Aside from listening to Sam narrate his adventures to the crew of the Renegade, the journey home had been unremarkable, and Roc found his mind wandering back to thoughts of Evati, to thoughts of the newfound friends he had made there.

“Very well, Colonel Wieler. I see no discrepencies within your report. The DNAC is back in secured storage, awaiting further testing from our top scientists, though the mystery remains of how Mako managed to extricate it in the first place.” The General’s eyebrow raised slightly, and Roc forced himself not to betray any hint of his duplicity. Mako hadn’t been the one to remove the DNAC from storage; it had been Roc, using a forged signature, and a sufficient bribe. The measure of the bribe’s sufficiency was being measured now. 

“We’ve also deployed GIS to Egmar. They will be responsible for that region of space now. I have every confidence they can eliminate the pirate presence there, though let it be said your initiatives in Evati were crucial to this decision being made. The loss of enlisted personnel was minimal, as was incurred costs from the loss of ships. You’ve done a fine duty, Colonel.  We’ve collected data regarding the wormhole from your Aura unit, as well as analysis of several pieces of unknown debris, presumably ejected from the wormhole before its collapse. The preliminary results are staggering in their implications, Colonel. Mako’s Faithful have been disbanded and resassigned across the Republic. Should Mako resurface, he will be held accountable for his treacherous actions.” The General levelled his gaze at Roc before continuing.

“We all owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude.”

The General motioned to an aide, whom walked towards Roc from the side of the room.

“Colonel Roc Wieler, for bravery and loyalty above and beyond the call of duty; for honour and perserverance in adversity; for the glory of the Republic and the defense of its noble people, I hearby award you the Medal of Garmr. May you henceforth be known as the Guardian Protector of the Republic.”

Roc Wieler stood stunned as the aide pinned the medal to his uniform. He had been completely taken by surprise at this act, half expecting court marshall for the way things had gone down, at least in his mind. He wasn’t one to see himself the way others did; if anything he was too self-deprecating. 

He stood to brisk attention, clacking the heels of his freshly polished boots together, throwing a strong and crisp salute. The Valklear General returned his salute, a chiseled smile etched upon his face.

“Keep at it, son. Pretty soon you’ll be on this side of the table. Dismissed!”

Roc Wieler pivoted on his heel, marching proudly from the boardroom towards the hangar bays, towards the Renegade, towards the glorious Republic he called home.


PyjamaSam and Lady Grey walked hand in hand through the station’s garden. This system’s sun shone brightly through the transparisteel dome, bathing the vegetation surrounding them with its life giving rays. Lady Grey smiled her beautiful smile at PyjamaSam, pulling him closer to her. 

“You are a wonderful man you know.” she cooed. “Your intellect, your dedication. I wish we had met … long ago.” Her voice trailed off as long distant memories that seemed like only yesterday flooded her mind. Everything around her was like new; everything around her was new. Every new sight, new sound, new sensation she experienced she held onto with innocent wonder, savouring all that New Eden had to offer. She smiled at him again, truly thankful for all he had done for her.

“There was no other choice, really.” PyjamaSam said. “Your own brilliance makes mine look infinitesimal. It is my honour and privilege to be walking hand in hand with such greatness.”

They both laughed at his corniness, continuing to walk through the beauty of the garden. Lady Grey stopped to pluck a flower of an origin she had never seen. She breathed in its fragrance deeply, her eyes shining with brilliant enjoyment at the moment. Her thoughts turned to the flower, its short life span, how it would begin to wither and eventually die, and reflected on her own mortality. From what Sam had told her, she had only a few months to enjoy this body before the memories of its original host, a long distant descendant she could never have known, would begin to resurface, her mind reclaiming its rightful body.

PyjamaSam could almost read her thoughts. “Elly,” he said, taking her face gently in his cupped hands. “We’ll figure it out, together. I promise.”

Tears streamed her face, and he wiped them away with his thumb, leaning in to share their first of hopefully many kisses.


 Roc Wieler had returned home. His ship was being repaired by the mechanics he trusted most, and he was taking the opportunity to check his office. His mission had been off the books, and he wouldn’t have been surprised to find that his dereliction of corporate duty in the meantime would’ve had him terminated from Freeform Industries. After getting caught up, he was heading to the Black Hole Pub to catch up on some well deserved rest and relaxation.

As he was sifting through his incoming messages on his office computer, Cytral casually strode in. “Welcome back, Roc.” he said by way of greeting. “Got the pilot duty roster for Roc’s Renegades I need you to sign.” He handed the datapad to Roc. With his eyebrow raised, Roc took the datapad in one hand, looking questioningly at Cytral. 

“You’ve never needed me to do this before, Cy. Can’t you get my XO to do it?”

“Just read it and sign it, knuckle dragger.” Cytral replied, his smile streching across his entire face.

Roc activated the datapad, and begin scanning down the list. He saw some new recuits, fresh meat always being welcomed in the war effort, then his eyes rested on a name he knew, a name he never expected to see. He looked up at Cy, incredulity on his face, only to see Cytral giggling and nodding.

“She arrived earlier today, and was a quick study. She’s already passed the basic training exercises with flying colours, and specifically requested duty with the Renegades. Enjoy.”

With that, Cytral left Roc to his own musings. Roc shook his head again, staring in disbelief at the datapad in his hand. Jedziah had joined Freeform Industries, and with his approval, would now be flying his wing. Roc digitally signed the roster, putting it aside on his desk, exhaling a deep breath.

Just when the universe was starting to make sense, he thought to himself, chuckling. He turned his attention back to his computer, quickly scanning his messages for anything of importance; looked like FFI had gotten by just fine without him.

He was scanning the last page of his messages when he noticed one in particular that demanded his attention. He opened the message, which read only, “We need to talk.” It was from Mynxee.

Gathering his jacket, Roc hurried down to the Black Hole Pub. He really needed a drink. He thumbed his personal computing device to life, to respond to Mynxee’s message. His heart raced at the thought of seeing her again, and his mind reeled trying to figure out what she wanted to talk about. Was it their night together? Was she still trying to “convert” him to the pirate life?

Roc pushed the door open to the Black Hole pub, nearly tripping over two women standing just inside the door. She was tall and beautiful, with red hair and piercing grey eyes. “Well hello handsome.” Mynxee said, smiling broadly. Venom stood beside her, smiling her own giddy smile, while Roc stood like a deer in the headlights in front of the two women, his jaw hanging wide open.

“Aren’t ya gonna greet a lady?” Mynxee said. Venom broke the silence by playfully punching Roc in the arm. “Ow!” he said in mock pain, massaging the assaulted area.

The three of them turned, walking to a corner table, talking and laughing as they went. 

For the first time in a long time, Roc Wieler realized just how good it felt to be home, to be with family.


 She checked her computer again. The ten billion isk was in her account. It simply made no sense. She had been waiting for the signal from General Mako for days; her sign to initiate her betrayal of Roc Wieler. The General had paid the up front half she had demanded, but hadn’t contacted her since. Everything was still in place, and she knew that obviously something must’ve happened to General Mako.

Minara Dawn wondered what her next course of action should be. Should she go ahead as planned regardless? Should she liquidate all of Roc’s assets, leaving him penniless? Or should she wait, count the ten billion as a divine gift, and hope that she would never hear from Mako again?

She had been over the for and against arguments a thousand times already, neither side showing favour. She simply didn’t know what to do.

Inspired, she reached her decision.

Reaching for her computer, she sent a single message. It contained one solitary word, “Go.” She leaned back into her chair, smiling at how fate had shown her good fortune once again.