The Art of Seduction


So I took off her shirt. Then she said, “Take off my skirt.” I took off her skirt. “Take off my shoes.” I took off her shoes. “Now take off my bra and panties.” and so I took them off.

Then she looked at me and said, “I don’t want to catch you wearing my things ever again.”

One More Night of Roc – The Album

A while back, this happened. Through best intentions and poor communications on my end, I was unable to meet at the proposed time (stupid timezones). I felt horrible. I still feel horrible.

This makes me feel a little less horrible. Hopefully now all is forgiven.


  • 11 brand new tracks
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*please note you will be responsible to cover all travel, accommodation, food, gym and shopping expenses

Already Yours


I couldn’t believe she was in my arms. It had been so long since my heart had raced this way. I could barely breathe. It was like the dream I had dreamt a thousand times had come true. I breathed in her scent deeply. My heart pounded even more with intense desire. My hand ran through her long, red locks. I was terrified to look away from her piercing eyes; scared that she might vanish if I didn’t hold her gaze. She must’ve been a figment of my imagination, a fantasy. This really couldn’t be happening. No man deserved to be that lucky in life, immortal or not. Continue reading

Oso Mayor


I was in my early teens again. All my relatives were there, just like when we grew up. Every cousin, every aunt and uncle, my dead grandmother was even present. We were at the cottage they had built that later had become their home.

My heart was smiling. I can’t remember the last time I truly smiled. Not since she … Continue reading