There are some that believe in traditional therapy. There is nothing wrong with that; no shame in asking for help. We all do it. Of course, for me, the best therapy had always been a sexy woman and a good ravaging. It was the best way to release all those pent up frustrations, stresses, worries and just fully embrace and enjoy a moment of connection with another. Continue reading

Stop Making it so Hard

Based on the article by Tim Hoch found here.

We all do it. We make things unnecessarily difficult for ourselves. We get stuck in our heads. We become our own worst enemies. By the time we’re in that state of mind, it’s too late. We’re there and it’s very hard to get back out. So how do we stop from getting to that point in the first place? Here’s some tips: Continue reading

Haters 101

Firstly, for those of you that do know me, which are few, or have followed and been a fan of this blog, this doesn’t apply to you. For the haters however …

I find it interesting that I virtually disappear for months, only to return to my blog, write a couple of posts, and upon my first Tweet, immediately get attacked as “egotistical, self-centered, narcissistic” and a “plagiarizer” .


(insert colourful metaphors about yourself here) Continue reading