Happily Ever After


Are you about to meet up in RL for the first time?

TV Documentary makers for Sky TV are looking for couples who are about to meet up in real life for the first time..

We are hoping to demystify MMORPG relationships for a wider audience and show that relationships that form in-game, can indeed be genuine relationships that can move into the real world very successfully! If you are interested in finding out more, please email Michael Nuvoletta.

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Seldon Crisis


It wasn’t too long ago I was sitting at my desk, playing another game (more on that tomorrow), when I got the Skype call from a team of current and former Eve players unhappy with the way things have been handled by CCP for the last number of years. With morbid curiousity, I accepted the call, ready to roll my eyes a lot and argue as one of the few non-bitter vets I know that Eve is still a wondrous game. Of course, I haven’t logged into Eve Online in almost a month, so perhaps my views had changed. Continue reading